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What Cancer Has Taught Me to Love

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - February 13, 2020

Cancer can take so much from us -- joy, money, health, and often, even those we love. My family has experienced all of these things, the greatest loss being wat... Read More

What's It Like Being a Myeloma Patient? Takeda Oncology Wins App Award.

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - February 05, 2020

It's not easy to know what it is really like to be a myeloma patient. Takeda Oncology and Snow Companies wanted their employees to know what it feels like to li... Read More

Today is World Cancer Day: Why Multiple Myeloma Patients Should Care

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - February 04, 2020

Today is World Cancer Day, an international day to raise awareness of cancer and to support its prevention, detection and treatment.  According to the Nationa... Read More

What is the Muscles for Myeloma Program?

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 31, 2020

Muscles for Myeloma is a campaign promoting fitness for multiple myeloma patients. Because fitness levels determine possible treatments, it is critical that pa... Read More

The Effect of Multiple Myeloma on Relationships and Ideas to Make Things Better

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 30, 2020

A cancer diagnosis can affect relationships in all sorts of ways, both negative and positive. I asked myeloma patients and family members how myeloma affected t... Read More

Don't Shoot the Messenger: Pain and Cannabis in Multiple Myeloma

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 30, 2020

Cannabis. That’s the topic for today. There are plenty of posts on a variety of cancer blogs, not just multiple myeloma, touting cannabis for this or that sol... Read More

Connect With the Myeloma Crowd On Social Media: Together We're Stronger

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 23, 2020

The Myeloma Crowd has numerous ways to connect with other patients and caregivers. We believe that when we are together, we are stronger. Everyone has a story a... Read More

What is HealthTree® for Multiple Myeloma?

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 22, 2020

Join HealthTree Today What is HealthTree? HealthTree is a free, new tool created by myeloma patients for myeloma patients. HealthTree is an online tool myelom... Read More

Myeloma Crowd Round Table Expert Videos: Austin -- November 16, 2019

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 14, 2020

On November 16, 2019, a Myeloma Crowd Round Table meeting was held in Austin, Texas at the Thompson Conference Center at the University of Texas featuring four ... Read More

Repeating a First CAR-T Infusion in Multiple Myeloma

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 13, 2020

Many of us, most likely, read as much as we can about CAR-T treatments. Not that there is an abundance of data out yet for the multiple myeloma CAR-T products t... Read More

Multiple Myeloma, Stem Cell Transplants and ...Shingles

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 10, 2020

One in three people in the US will have to deal with a case of shingles in their lifetime. It is, most likely, safe to say that anyone of us know the misery tha... Read More

What are Myeloma Crowd Round Tables?

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 10, 2020

Myeloma Crowd Round Tables are day-long patient education meetings with top myeloma experts. Each meeting is focused on assisting patients and caregivers in mak... Read More

What is the Myeloma Coach Program?

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 10, 2020

MYELOMACOACH.ORG   January is National Mentoring Month which is the perfect month to highlight our Myeloma Coach program! The Myeloma Coach program is a... Read More

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