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Myeloma Crowd Social Distancing Dispatches

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - April 03, 2020

To be honest, the amateur historian in me finds what we’re going through kind of interesting.  This is an opportunity to bear witness.  We are n... Read More

COVID-19 - A Patient Call for Earlier FDA Approvals and the Perfect Time for Healthcare Innovation

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - March 26, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis is shining a light on the pace of healthcare advancements in the United States. I’m so happy to see faster-than-usual clinical trial c... Read More

Myeloma Specialists’ New Normal with COVID-19

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - March 24, 2020

“It has been a challenge to balance the risk of myeloma treatment with the risk of infection.” Amrita Krishnan, Director of Myeloma Research at th... Read More

American Health & Wellness: Can We Actually Fight A Pandemic?

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - March 24, 2020

Original article from Medpagetoday.com. With the COVID-19 pandemic expanding in the United States, we need to take measures to prevent exposure and lower ris... Read More

Ten Blessings of Adversity

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - March 22, 2020

I’d like to share an unusual series of articles, precisely because we are living in highly unusual times. When I was diagnosed with the blood cancer mu... Read More

Obesity and MGUS Progression

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - March 21, 2020

Monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance, otherwise known as MGUS, is a precursor to developing multiple myeloma. According to this study, obesity is linke... Read More

Adaptive Biotechnologies and Microsoft expand partnership to decode COVID-19 immune response and provide open data access

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - March 21, 2020

As seen on PR Newswire Adaptive Biotechnologies is also the maker of the ClonoSEQ multiple myeloma minimal Residual Disease MRD test Adaptive Biotechnolog... Read More

Exercise During A Pandemic—Back to the Basics

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - March 19, 2020

It’s probably for the best to avoid gyms, yoga studios, community swimming pools, or anything of that sort during the unprecedented time of COVID-19&mdash... Read More

Do’s and Don’ts for the Coronavirus for Multiple Myeloma Patients (by Myeloma Experts)

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - March 17, 2020

Here are some Twitter tips from myeloma experts that include Dr. Rafael Fonseca of the Mayo Clinic (@RFonsi1), Dr. Vincent Rajkumar of the Mayo Clinic (@Vincent... Read More

Understanding Your Insurance Now and Uncovering Financial Options for Multiple Myeloma Coverage

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - March 17, 2020

When you find out you have cancer, as I did when my husband was given his multiple myeloma diagnosis, all we could think about was how were we going to pay for ... Read More

Muscles for Myeloma: The Relationship Between Exercise and Immune Function

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - March 11, 2020

In the past, there have been controversies regarding the efficiency of our natural body immunity and activity levels. There have been "reports" of vig... Read More

A Myeloma Patient’s Story: Judith Dambowic and her Cancer Café

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - March 09, 2020

Judith Dambowic was 58-years old when she was diagnosed with myeloma. As a trained Physical Therapist Clinical Specialist in Chronic Pain, “she never imag... Read More

Preventing Infections and the Coronavirus in Multiple Myeloma

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - March 06, 2020

As news spreads about the coronavirus in the United States, myeloma patients want to know how to protect themselves. Preventing any infection is important for m... Read More

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